Two foods that kill fat. Discover these surprising foods that boost your metabolism and block fat.

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Scientifically proven results!

Green coffee bean extract has been scientifically proven to help people lose fat…

…without changing their eating habits
…without changing their excercise routine
…without side effects
Imagine what you could do with this powerful supplement!

Green Coffee Bean works through two mechanisms:

1. Inhibits the release of glucose into the body so you can maintian a stable blood sugar level. This stops your body from producing insulin and dumping excess blood sugar into fat cells.
2. Boosts the metabolism or the “burning” of fat in the liver. This leads to improved energy levels.


Green coffee bean is chlorogenic acid and works differently than a stimulant. It’s effect is not because of caffeine. It contains a minimum amount of caffeine so you can take this while drinking greenteaHAWAII and still be getting the perfect dose to aid weight loss.

What better proof than actually trying it out.

These results are after 5 days….6 pounds in 5 days!

Green Coffee Bean Results

Try it yourself. Start losing weight now!

Green Coffee Bean

Congratulations on your future success!

Green Coffee has been all over the news. A recent clinical study, published in the diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, followed 16 people who were supplemented with green coffee bean and strictly monitored for only 12 weeks. On average, the participants lost 17 lbs each. That’s 16% of their overall body fat and 10.5% body weight.  According to a recent double-blind crossover study,* green coffee extract (a supplement made from unroasted coffee beans) may be the secret “miracle” ingredient for safe, all-natural weight loss.

In this study, 16 overweight adults took either a high dose (1050 mg) of green coffee extract, a low dose (700 mg) or a placebo over 22 weeks to test its safety and effectiveness for reducing body weight and body fat.

Incredibly, the subjects lost an average of 17 pounds each—10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat! Six patients lost so much fat they shifted from a “pre-obese” body mass index to “normal.” And best of all, no one reported any side effects.

Surprisingly, it’s NOT the caffeine!

Green coffee beans are unroasted and have very little caffeine—about one-fifth of a cup of coffee. And they won’t make you jittery like brewed coffee or ephedra. In fact, in some studies, green coffee extract has helped lower blood pressure.

The secret natural weight-loss ingredient in green coffee extract is chlorogenic acid. It inhibits the release of glucose (blood sugar) while boosting metabolism and fat burning. So taking green coffee extract has a double effect—it blocks fat from being absorbed and eliminates weight gain.

Since roasting removes the chlorogenic acid from coffee beans, your morning cup of joe won’t give you the same fat-burning benefits as green coffee extract. It’s too bitter to eat, so take green coffee extract as a supplement.  The full clinical study can be found by clicking here.

More Information

Green Coffee Bean

Combine the power of the Green Coffee Bean with Green Tea Extract to Super Charge Your Weight loss and keep the pounds off.

Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds Green Tea Hawaii is the weight loss system for you. With Green Tea Hawaii you will not only lose weight and keep it off you will find you have all the energy you need and more to take on each day.

• Do you want to lose weight or need help maintaining a healthy weight?
• Do you find that feel tired all the time?
• Do you wonder how other people find the energy to get through the day, let alone workout?
• Do you dream of looking in the mirror and LOVING what you see?
• Are you ready for a change?

If so, your time to act is now! Just two glasses of Green Tea Hawaii a day and you are on your way to the new you.

Shedding those unwanted pounds have never been easier!

With Green Tea Hawaii you can become the person you’ve always dreamed of being!

What are the Benefits of Green Tea Hawaii?

• Easy to lose weight fast AND keep it off
• Decreases your appetite
• Increases your metabolism
• Gives you more energy
• Calms you down and help stabilize your mood
• Reduces your risk for cancer
• Promotes healthy bones and teeth

What do I have to do?

It’s easy! Just add a packet of one of our three delicious flavors (original, raspberry lemonade, or pineapple strawberry) in 8 to 16oz of water and enjoy! Many people notice a difference in energy level right away and experience weight loss in a week or less!

• Drink once a day to maintain weight and feel energized
• Drink twice a day for weight loss
• Drink all day long! Green Tea Hawaii is so good you can enjoy it whenever you need a refreshing beverage or a burst of energy without feeling jittery
• Drink your refreshing tea 10-15min before you eat to ensure you get the maximum results.

How does Green Tea Hawaii work?

Normally to get the full weight loss benefits of regular green tea you would have to drink 70 cups of green tea a day! Do you want to drink that much of…well, anything? NO! So, the great minds at Green Tea Hawaii created a way to get all the benefits of those 70 cups of green tea into two convenient little packets. Each packet contains…

• 450mg of green tea antioxidants.
• One full serving of Noni juice, which naturally contains polysacchiride. This acts as a multiplier for the antioxidants in green tea, expanding their benefits 68 times!
• Xilitol, a natural sweetener derived from the birch tree bark. It promotes healthy hair, nails and teeth. In fact, dentists use this to clean teeth.
• L-Theanine, an amino acid that gives you energy and acts as a mood stabilizer. That means coffee or energy drink jitters just good clean energy.
• 10-15mg of naturally occurring caffeine
• 600mg of pure Hawaiian sugar combined with sweetener
• EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that protects your body against free radicals while aiding in weight loss.

Why is it a Powder?

• A powdered drink is not just a tasty way to increase energy and lose weight it’s been proven time and again to be the best method for full absorption.
• You can take green tea extract pills all day long and still not receive their full benefits because they are not being fully absorbed in your body.
• Antioxidants and vitamins have a half-life, which means the moment they are immersed in water they start to break down.

So what are you waiting for?

Order your Green Tea Hawaii today and get ready to be the you, you have always dreamed of!


Get Green Coffee Bean and Green Tea Hawaii together today as the Bio Pure Green Diet.  Order a 30 day supply below for the combined discount.

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